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2015 4th Edition Specials Catalogue



Why is Amalgam Retention important for dental surgeries ?

“The mercury contained in one amalgam tooth filling is enough to pollute 30,000 litres of water beyond a safe level of

Recent Studies show that an average dental surgery produces about 1 to 1.3 kg of Amalgam waste per year. If the
dental surgery is not fitted with an Amalgam Separator, all Amalgam waste is discharged into the waste water, generating more than 13,000 kg /PA of Mercury Amalgam pollution in Trade Waste Water, Australia wide.

The potential high amount of mercury contained in dental waste from dental surgeries is now being recognised as a serious environmental threat by local Authorities and Water Boards.

ISO standard 11143 requires a minimum 95% amalgam waste being retained and correctly disposed of by the dental
surgery. In addition, the 1999 NHMRC National Guidelines for Waste Management states that “Dental Practitioners
must install amalgam separators, capable of 95% separation”.