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2015 4th Edition Specials Catalogue



GREEN&CLEAN M2 Suction Systems & Equipment

Simple and Exact Disinfection – Easy to Handle:

You can also download the GREEN&CLEAN M2 User Instructions here.

Enzymatic action | Dual Solution | Non-foaming | Easy Dispensing | Material Friendly

  • Dual system (red/green) active against microbiological resistance
  • Excellent active de-foaming, very good cleaning power
  • Easy dosage and handling through well-designed dispenser
  • High environmental compatibility
  • High material compatibility
  • Excellent protein dissolving power through enzymatic action
  • Ideal product for all amalgam separators and air-water-separators
  • High concentrate allows small storage space (4 sachets per year per chair)
  • Suitable for all water types
  • Economical doses due to highly concentrated solution (in comparison with powder products)
  • Leading hygiene product that is known and sold world wide
  • pH-neutral, DGHM listed, CE-sign

It is recommended that every dental unit is cleaned and disinfected at least once a day. After surgical procedures an extra cleaning should be carried out. By doing so you guarantee best hygiene and best function of your important suction equipment.

Disinfectant Spectrum / Action Times:

HBV/HIV/HCV: 60 minutes
Bactericide/Fungicide: 60 minutes
Tuberculocide: 60 minutes

Modern Active Agent Combination:

M2 Green: Pyridine compound and aliphatic nitrogen compound (25%)
M2 Red: Guanidine compound and aliphatic nitrogen compound (26%)

Products in this category:


GREEN&CLEAN M2 Starter Kit

Starter Kit for New Surgery contains
– 2 x 480 ml sachets (for 160 dosed applications)
– 1 x Dispenser unit complete user instructions.


GREEN&CLEAN M2 Refill Set 1

Refill Set for existing Surgeries contains
– 4 x 480 ml sachets (for 320 dosed applications)


GREEN&CLEAN M2 Refill Set 2

Refill Set for existing Surgeries contains
– 2 x 480 ml sachets (for 160 dosed applications)



Alcohol-free disinfectant foam

For disinfecting the surfaces of medical devices
(e.g. alcohol-sensitive surfaces of dental units such as unit handles, imitation leather and plastic covers) particularly well suited for use on alcohol-sensitive surfaces of medical devices.


  • alcohol-free
  • short action time (60 seconds)
  • ready-to-use solution
  • excellent cleaning power
  • long-lasting effect against re-establishment of airborne bacteria and viruses
  • modern active agent combination: quaternary ammonium compounds
  • broad disinfection spectrum: HBV/HIV/HCV, bactericide, fungicide (C. albicans)
  • DGHM/VAH listed (Association for Applied Hygiene/Germany)
  • CE 0408