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2015 4th Edition Specials Catalogue


Amalgam Retention

ECO II Amalgam Separator

AS 09 ECO II AS 011 ECO II AS 018 ECO II Tandem AS 019 ECO II Tandem

The central amalgam separator for dental offices and dental clinics.

METASYS’ ECO II is innovative in its entire concept. Simple in operation and design, the ECO II meets and exceeds all requirement for effective amalgam retention for your dental practice.


ECO II connects METASYS’ longstanding experience, progressive knowhow and a creative spirit to providing the optimal problem solution for the dental office.


ECO II has highly efficient capabilities and a high separation rate of 99.3%. It is silent and inconspicuous. No power connection is required! The simple installation procedure enables quick & cost-saving assembly. Recurring maintenance and service costs are eliminated.

ISO 11143 certified

ECO II fulfills the worldwide standard ISO 11143 which matches the highest quality standards and international legislature and regulations. The separation rate of the ECO II amalgam separator is certified by independent testing at 99.3%. Most States in Australia use the ISO standard as a prerequisite for the amalgam separators they accept for installation.

Easy Maintenance – How to replace the ECO II collection container

Easy to Install

Designed for connection to all existing Suction Types

Dry Suction

wet suction

ECO II is connected to the waste line downstream from the dental unit.

* Dry suction means dental units with integrated separators like METASYS MST1, Cattani® Mini Canister & Dürr® Sepmatic

Semi Wet Suction

semi wet suction

ECO II is connected to the waste line after the central suction unit.

*Semi Wet means centralised units like Cattani TurboJet® / TurboSmart®, METASYS EXCOM & Dürr® VS models

Wet Suction

wet suction

ECO II is connected just before the
wet suction unit.

*Wet suction means US style liquid ring pumps like Apollo®, Techwest®, & Dent-al-Ez® brands